The Wild 7 Mission

To build a global community of filmmakers and film lovers that embrace new stories, ideas, and ways to consume them.

Our Values

I Love Us 2021

It takes a village

Creating memorable stories requires a collaborative, community-driven approach to filmmaking full of different roles, skills, and experiences. We love this industry and partnering with all of the amazing people who bring it to life

Manny 2014

See things globally

We come from all over the world so sharing new ideas and stories from underrepresented storytellers is at the core of our business


Change the game

We don't believe in the way it’s always been done. We believe in using data, moving fast, and operating efficiently so that we can bring our audience what they’re looking for when they want it

The Apprentice 2024

Build momentum

We’ve seen what momentum can do. Whether it’s raising capital, casting the lead, or building new relationships, we’re always ready to make our next move.

Mobcops Coming Soon

Execute with precision

We create high quality films that our audiences feel passionate about. That means not only do we know what a good story looks like but we also know how to make it work behind the scenes.

Our Village

Camila Rovalino
Marketing Associate
Junior Ibarra
Marketing Associate
Alexandra Lasky
Public Relations
Kylie Dixon
Social Media Management
David Vangrov
Production Coordinator
Lukas Fletcher
Production Coordinator
Paris Dylan
Co Producer
Tony Lugo
Associate Producer
Jamar Hart
Fashion Stylist
Abdel Banda
Investor Relations
Dmitry Shamis
Marketing and Brand
Ralph Rodriguez

Our Strategic Partners